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I am an AWS certified (SysOps | DevOps | Architect) Professional & IT Infrastructure SME with 20+ years of total IT experience, experienced in Design, Build & Management of Public & Private Cloud platforms such as AWS, IBM Cloud & OpenStack. I started my career with PC support, later moved on to Servers, UNIX/Linux, Virtualization, OpenStack and Cloud. For the past few years, I am majorly working on Design, Build & Management of public Cloud Infrastructure solutions, focused on AWS and IBM Cloud.

» About these pages

During the past many years of my IT career I have come across situations where I couldn't find a straight forward document which explains what exactly to be done to achieve a specific requirement. As anybody else, I had to read multiple documents and consolidate those steps to complete what I was looking for. Some of those consolidated steps I have documented here for my reference, as well for others to refer if you are trying to do the same thing I already did. I have also uploaded other technical documents which I created during my career and few command references which I usually refer to.

I have also created a section for Kindle Friendly AWS blogs (contents copied from AWS blog sites). Native AWS blog sites does not properly render in Amazon Kindle readers and it is difficult to navigate across pages. I have consolidated the individual blogs by removing the styles and sections to make it readable in Kindle eReader.